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    FAQ > About Bronzeville Artist Lofts > What questions will artists need to answer in the interview with the Selection Committee?

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    The questions are based on selection criteria and asked of every artist applicant. One is a demonstrated commitment to art. The second is a desire to live in and contribute to a community, both within the building and the broader Bronzeville community.

    1. Please describe your art form and what inspires you to create it.
    2. Please tell us about your educational training and/or professional experience.
    3. Please describe any recent public presentation of your art.
    4. What interests you about living in this artists’ community?
    5. What affect will living in an artists’ community have on you/(your family) and your art?
    6. How will you respond to living in a community that is comprised of people of different races, cultural backgrounds, ability, artistic disciplines, sexual orientation, and beliefs?
    7. What impact do you think you would have on the community? In what way might you contribute to the community?
    8. Please describe any volunteer work you have done or would be interested in doing.

    Last updated on July 28, 2013 by Bronzeville Artist Lofts