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    FAQ > About Bronzeville Artist Lofts > How does the credit report affect my application?

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    A. Credit Standing

    1. Eligible BAL applicants must have a satisfactory history of meeting financial obligations, including timely payment of rent. Judgments or a history of late payment of bills or rent may be grounds for non-selection. If management rejects an application based on information in the credit report, the applicant will be provided with the reason(s) for the rejection and given the name of the credit reporting agency that performed the credit check.
    2. In certain circumstances, management's inability to verify sufficient credit references may be grounds for rejection of an application. Consideration will be given to special circumstances in which credit has not been established for some reason (income, age, marital status, etc.).

    B. Information on the Application

    1. If management is unable to verify certain information provided in the application, such as the applicant's current address, social security number, or previous landlord information, or other qualifying information the applicant will not be approved.

    2. If the application is not fully completed or contains false information, the applicant will not be approved

    C. Personal Reputation or History

    1. Persons who have a history or reputation for disturbance of neighbors, destruction of property or living habits at prior residences which adversely affect the health, safety, welfare, or rights and comfort of other residents will not be approved for occupancy.
    2. Persons who have failed to maintain a stable rental pattern may not be approved for residency. Several moves within a short period of time may indicate a lack of rental stability on the part of the applicant.

    D. Drug Abuse and Criminal Activity

    1. A household in which there is reasonable cause to believe that a member is currently engaged in the illegal use of drugs, and whose illegal use or pattern of illegal use of a drug may interfere with the health, safety, and right to peaceful enjoyment of the properly by other residents will be denied admission.
    2. A household in which there is reasonable cause to believe that a member has engaged in criminal activity or has been convicted of criminal activity that will adversely affect the reputation of the development or the health, safety or welfare of other residents within the development, will be denied admission.

    Last updated on July 28, 2013 by Bronzeville Artist Lofts